Asus presents: Zenfone 5 family

The theme of the second version of the Zenfone 5 is bordered on all things AI (Artificial Intelligence). At least, for their flagship phones.

The Battery King 2.0

We were all started off with the crowd favorite dubbed as the Battery King by being introduced to the Zenfone Max M1 an option to the growing line with the Zenfone Max Plus being the predecessor to the Max family.

The main selling point here, if you’re not familiar, is longevity of the phone plus a few extra features like that of the camera setup of a wide-angle option among other things previously not avalable to smartphones in the budget category. Also, that ASUS wishes the consumers to know that they are now making a separate line for battery and performance focused phones apart from their flagship lineup that follows the Zenfone plus number series.

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The Zenfone Max M1 will get an upgrade of precessor to Snapdragon 430. Some features have been dialed down to make the phone more affordable like lower resolution compared to that of the Zenfone Max Plus as well as 1Gb less RAM. Outside of that much of the same experience will remain like that of the wide-angle camera, and the reverse charging to use the phone as a powerbank.

ASUS Philippines asked Gerald Anderson to unveil his line that was shockingly priced at only Php 8,995 to much of the audience surprise.

The Zenfone 5 Family

The very first thing we loved about the new Zenfone 5 line is the naming convention. ASUS has finally done away with ‘selfies,’ ‘deluxes,’ ‘ultras,’ and ‘pro.’

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It’s a lot simpler to follow the Zenfone 5 family: The Zenfone 5Q, The Zenfone 5, and the Zenfone 5Z (arranged in order of specifications.)

Zenfone 5Q

Replacing the Selfie line from the previous iteration, the Zenfone 5Q is the camera-centric phone for the selfie-hollic and the wefie-hollic on both fronts of the phone.

The highlight feature will be how the cameras can work independently from each other to focus on their main capabilities. Dubbed as the “world’s first globally-announced true quad-camera system” the highlight comes in the form of the 20MP camera to command your selfie game as wel as a 16MP rear shooter to up your photography game. Both ends will also have a secondary 120° wide-angle sibling for wider shots.

The Zenfone 5Q will also be sporting a 6-inch Full HD+ LCD IPS display stretched to the now conventional 18:9 aspect ratio to keep the phone compact and easy to handle.

Powering the device will be a Snapdragon 630 chipset paired with 4GB or RAM and 64GB of storage; juiced by a 3300mAh battery with all the of security features such as face unlock and fingerprint recognition. Additional conveniences include NFC, and a triple SIM/MicroSD card slot – so you don’t have to sacrifice more storage for that secondary SIM.

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The Zenfone 5Q will retail for Php 16,995 available nationwide.

Zenfone 5

ZenFone 5

The mid-ranger standard of the Asus Zenfone line packs all the features of the flagship into a very very compact and neat frame. This time, in the year 2018, it will come with AI or a version of AI, at least.

It starts with a notch (yes, we know,) since the screen has been stretched to 6.2-inches of screen structured in a 19:9 aspect ratio Super IPS display at FHD+ resolution (2246 x 1080.) That only means you have a 6-inch phone in a 5.5-inch body.

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The quirks of having the notch means some adjusted responses to the icons on the notification tray that ‘intelligently’ move and adjust according to what they think you need or the most important part of the notifications.

The AI journey continues on to the cameras with 16 presets to determine what you are taking a photo of – from you 12MP Sony IMX sensor camera set at f/1.8 for detialed shots; as well as the suggested settings per scene to be determined by how many shots you take of similar scenes and the option to choose the better processing result after you take them.

The Zefone 5 will be sporting the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage – powered by 3,300mAh of battery with AI charging; which basically lets the system determine your sleep and wake pattern and hold-off charging your battery to 100% until the time you have to wake up so you can keep it plugged in without killing it faster.

The Zenfone 5 will be avaialble in Midnight Blue and Meteor Silver retailing for a surprising Php 19,995 available nationwide.

Zenfone 5Z

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See Zenfone 5 but upgrade everything else from the processor to the now Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC that has the new and improved AI engine, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

To make things simpler for consumers ASUS has kept everything else from the camera, battery, AI features, down to the design, and biometric security excatly the same; so the only additional thing you’re paying for are more processing capabilities and more speed.

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The Zenfone 5Z will also come in Midnight Blue and Meteor Silver retailing for Php 29,995 available this June.

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