lands in Windows Store (but is not free)

A version of the popular image editor was published to Windows Store as a Universal Windows Platform application recently.

It is not that uncommon for Windows programs to be published as Windows apps to the Store thanks to Microsoft releasing tools like the Desktop Bridge converter which help developers port their software programs to the store with minimal effort.

The converter does all the hard lifting in best case. While developers may add UWP specific features to it or change some of the converted code, it is less time consuming and in best case an automated process that requires little development time. is a popular image editor for Windows that is available for free. The Windows Store version of seems to be a converted port of the desktop program that supports pretty much all the functionality of its Win32 counterpart.

The biggest difference between the two versions is that the UWP version of is not a free application like the desktop version.

The Windows Store version of is available for $8.99 regularly, but currently for an introductory price of $5.99. Windows users who purchase the application support the development of the application directly according to the article’s description.

If you buy Paint.NET in the Windows Store, you’ll be supporting its development directly (normally we ask for a donation).

The creator of accepts donations on the official program website to support continued development of the program.

The Store version of supports plugins and all other features that make the desktop version one of the most popular free image editors on the Windows platform.

The only other differences between the desktop version and the Store version of is that the Store version is easier to install and update.

But for whom is the new version? Windows 10 S system owners come to mind first and foremost. They cannot install desktop programs on their devices.

It may also be interesting for organizations who want easier distribution or extra security checks of programs that they install on devices, and for users who want to support the development of the application. You could donate as well obviously, and it may be the better option considering that Microsoft gets a cut from any Windows Store purchase.

Now You: Which image editor do you use on Windows?

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