Ataribox sets bar high

This is our first look on Atari’s comeback set to be released on 2018 and it’s looking mighty sexy.

The Ataribox is still in the works and is being planned to be crowdfunded through an Indiegogo campaign set at an average price of $275 USD.

The newsletter from Ataribox will be powering their revive with an AMD processor paired with Radeon graphics to keep performance without having to break the bank.

The hardware will all be computing for Linux-based OS that will allow virtually anyone to enrich the ecosystem with Atari flavored custom UI to aid in navigation as well as to keep controller and TV-friendly interface.

Atari wants to add that they will be offering a mix of classic Atari titles as well as modern PC games. Considering the size and capabilities it’s a safe bet to stick with mid-range capabilities.

There will be more than high-expectations for the reboot of the 21st century. While a lot is riding on our collective hopes and dreams to re-experience Atari in its glory days, we advice caution and pray to the almighty gaming gods this doesn’t fall through like how Ouya happened.

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Mabuhay Manila.

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