Apple updates iOS 11 six days after launch—but does it improve battery life?

For those who jumped on the iOS 11 bandwagon from day one, battery life has become an unexpected issue on their iPhone and iPads. Since Apple’s newest mobile operating system was announced last week, many  took to social media to voice their complaints about how iOS 11 was draining the battery life at an alarming rate.

Apple may have been listening, as its first iOS 11 update came just six days after its launch. In Apple’s description of the software update, it says the new iOS 11.0.1 includes “bug fixes and improvements.”

The million-dollar question: Does the software update improve battery life? It’s unclear in the first few hours, with frustrated iPhone users reporting both improved and worsened battery life after the update.

So what’s the deal with the battery life? Apple has not elaborated on what the problem is. One culprit, as pointed out by CNET, is that iOS 11 automatically turns on the fetch function in its Mail app, which has the app check for new emails every 15 or 30 minutes.

Others say this issue is common with past iOS updates, as various iPhone models try to adjust to new required resources added in the new iOS, according to an informal survey put out by Mashable.

A recent study from a security research firm Wandera found that iOS 11 drains a device’s battery nearly more than twice as fast. The study surveyed 50,000 iPhones at both moderate and heavy usage and found iOS 11 lasts 96 minutes on average after full charge; iOS 10, on the other hand, lasted on average 240 minutes.

“In other words, the decay rate for iOS 10 is 0.006958 percent per second and for iOS 11 it’s 0.01739 percent per second,” wrote Wandera.

The iOS 11 update has been very popular among iPhone and iPad owners. Within six days of introduction, iOS 11 has been downloaded by more than a quarter of iPhone and iPad users, according to product analytics firm Mixpanel.

For those who have installed iOS 11 and are experiencing battery issues, there are several options to save some juice. Some quick fixes include using Low Power Mode, lowering the screen brightness and the flashlight brightness (press long on the flashlight icon in the control center) and checking one’s app-by-app battery usage.

Photo: An iPhone held up in front of the Apple logo. (AFP/Getty Images)


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