Instagram bringing filters to live video

Hoorah, now you can be even more annoying

Instagram is bringing face filters to its ‘Live’ video streaming service with some regions already receiving the update. Instagram will roll it out globally in the coming weeks though if you have not received it.

In a post on the official Instagram blog they say:

Starting today, you can play with face filters while sharing live video. Whether you’re channeling a kitten or want to add some stars or rainbow light to your face, you can easily try on face filters while connecting with friends and followers in the moment.

It was only a matter of time before these came around so we will all have to live with people looking like cats and spacemen. Look for the update soon when your app updates. In the mean time check out some of the ITB Instagram accounts below:

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  • ITB Gadget Girl (@itbgadgetgirl) * Instagram photos and videos
  • Colm Smyth (@colmsmyth) * Instagram photos and videos

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