Google Takes Measures Against Intrusive Autoplay Videos

Google wants to disable the sound of autoplay videos

Although our browsing experience has overall improved, there are still some intruding elements which disturb it. Among them, there are those autoplay videos which suddenly appear on the page, and won’t disappear even if you are trying to scroll them away. Google knows how frustrating this can be, and decided to help users have a better control over these videos.

Autoplay can be bothering, but Google thought about it

Autoplay might be bothering from many people, especially if they are not interested in what is displayed in the video. Sometimes, they may present something you don’t want to see, but probably the most bothering thing about them is the audio. Sometimes, these videos might take you by surprise, and you have to see where the sound comes from before closing the tab.

Google knows users dislike these autoplay videos, and wanted to find at least a partial solution to the problem. Therefore, to improve the Chrome browsing experience, it decided to allow users a better control of the sound in these videos. Starting at the beginning of next year, Chrome will play such videos only if they have no sound, or if the user chose to see them.

The changes come on the new Chrome version

Therefore, these changes will be implemented with the new version of the browser, Chrome 64, in January 2018. This way, autoplay videos will no longer be intrusive, and will respect the browsing experience of the user. If he is interested in what’s playing, he can activate the sound any time and, if he’s not, he can continue what he was doing uninterrupted.

Apart from improving the user experience, this change will make the desktop and mobile browsing more uniform. This way, people will know what to expect even if they are using a PC or a portable device. Also, in case they are bothered by all kinds of sounds, Chrome 64 will let them disable all audio for certain pages or tabs.
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