Listening to Happy Music Can Really Boost Creativity

Happy music can really work as a creativity booster

Do you feel as if your creativity levels reached an end? The solution might be closer than you think. Just play some happy music and your crisis should be over. A recent research suggests music can have incredible effect on a person’s creative cognition, and listening to cheerful tunes might give it a boost.

Scientists haven’t explored too much the effects of music on the brain, and how it might influence the creative impulses. Therefore, a team of researchers from the University of Technology in Sydney decided to undertake several experiments.

This is how they found out different kinds of music have different kinds of effects on the brain. More precisely, happy tunes can trigger creative thinking. They came up with the idea of the experiment as they were curious if music is better than silence to boost creative cognition.

Researchers have observed how people are at loss lately, and have started being less creative than before. This is important, since creativity is the engine behind many technological advances, scientific discoveries, or artistic and cultural innovations. Therefore, they started looking for way to boost creativity in a natural way.

Happy music has great effects on creativity and divergent thinking

They took five groups of people, who had to listen to different types of music, with various kinds of sounds and levels of arousal. Then, they looked if this developed a divergent or a convergent way of thinking. Divergent thinking means coming up with more answers, while convergent thinking is based more on logic.

When they had to perform a task which required divergent thinking, the group which scored higher in terms of creativity was the one who listened to happy music. They had better results than those who had to do the same task, but surrounded by silence. Also, they found no kind of music boosted convergent thinking.

Apart from bringing creative benefits, music also boosted productivity. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to unleash the most hidden corners of your imagination but find it hard to do it, blast some jolly tunes and get ready to get things done.
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